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Our Team

Our team of energy experts are dedicated to the highest quality, best value proposition in the industry.  With the diverse wealth of knowledge and experience assembled, customers will receive an unmatched experience in both the design and solution phase but also with the product itself.

Chief Executive Officer

Stewart Graham

Stewart Graham has 20+ years’ experience in the lithium-Ion business. Having started his career by introducing lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode to the world by commercializing LFP in USA.  He then introduced LFP to China by building the first LFP factories in China. He has continued to be active in the lithium-Ion battery space by developing lithium-ion cells and packs while building battery factories around the world.  Having many battery partners and friends in the industry he is able to leverage those relationships to provide the best batteries in the world to his customers. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering.

Chief Technology Officer

Joe Turner

Joe Turner has been in the lithium-ion battery industry since 2002.  He came from the semiconductor industry and joined Valence Technologies to refine the production parameters of LFP.  As production of the LFP moved to China, Joe began working on other phosphate-based materials.  Later Joining K2 Energy, he oversaw the ramp up of the first K2 LFP cell manufacturing line.  His principal responsibilities at K2 were materials, cell design, and production as well as designing, building, and commissioning new factories.  Joe was involved in the DOE/DOD grants and sizing and troubleshooting packs, modules, and systems.  After 11 years with K2 Energy, he went to an outside R&D lab  (Coulometrics) that provided full cells, testing, and analysis (typically in the 18650 format) running 10-15 cell builds per month for over 5 years.

Joe oversees all engineering and technical functions for Grand Teton Energy Systems and provides a strategic advantage for all Grand Teton Energy Systems customers.

Chief Legal Officer

Jeremy Garner

Jeremy Garner is an experienced corporate attorney who specializes in contracts, entity creation, and regulatory compliance. 

Before joining Grand Teton Energy Solutions, Jeremy worked as general counsel for a marketing and sales company for eight (8) years. During his time with the marketing and sales company, Jeremy worked on complex business contracts involving Fortune 200 companies and ensured compliance with Federal and State laws among other responsibilities.

Jeremy enjoys spending time on the golf course, exercising, and traveling. 

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Chief Operating Officer

Bryan Blakley

Bryan is a born strategist and proven leader, so you can count on him being on point.  With a successful background in the venture capital world prior to working as an executive at Fortune 200 companies, he has overseen high performing organizations in multiple industries.  Bryan has been in the energy industry for years and as part of his experience, has deployed enough self generated energy to replace 2 fossil fuel plants and power tens of thousands of homes.

Bryan has a passion for process and technology which led his leadership journey to building information channels, solutions based software, and systems architecture.  Today, Bryan ensures Grand Teton Energy Solutions provides its customers with efficient and timely delivery of its top quality products.