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A Class Of Its Own 

K2|Lithium Ion™ battery technology delivers high power and energy density without compromising safety. 

  • Safety – K2|Lithium Ion™ does not experience thermal runaway.
  • Long Life – K2|Lithium Ion™ has low capacity loss and low impedance growth.
  • Lighter, Smaller – K2|Lithium Ion™ is light weight and up to 1/3 the size of conventional lead acid batteries. 

K2|Lithium Ion™ can be cycled to 100% depth of discharge allowing our cells, batteries and systems to meet, often exceeding energy needs and even avoiding the need for redundant capacity. 

K2|Lithium Ion HT™ battery technology improves power and energy at extreme temperatures. Rated for -40°C to +85°C, K2|Lithium Ion HT™ can exceed the performance of other traditional lithium chemistries by up to 2-3X, potentially reducing or eliminating the need for thermal management while reducing total cost of ownership with improved calendar and cycle life.

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